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  HEROIC's going down!
Posted by: Pilebunker - 04-13-2011 10:28 PM - No Replies

Wow I havent Frapsed or updated anything on here in ages.... whoops. Magmaw and Twin Drakes are dead, 6/13 now whhhhaaattt. Vids coming up as I remember to hit f5 to record.

Magmaw Heroic - Jazz edition

(supplimental video for those who dont get the reference, be sure to watch after)

Maloriak and Chimeron down suckas! Didnt fraps maloriak though cause iiimmm bad

Chimeron is HERE

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  Nef video Added
Posted by: Pilebunker - 04-08-2011 11:48 AM - No Replies

Nefarion ftw, capped it finally

and Magmaw has a fantastic intro =P

and a Clean Halfus kill this week yay!

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  Forum Access
Posted by: Pilebunker - 04-03-2011 07:52 AM - No Replies

For those who are newly registering and need to get bumped to being a member, There is a thread in the public discussion board for it or PM Pilebunker in game. Cookies + sexy time for those who register!

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  Raid Vids (Updated)
Posted by: Pilebunker - 03-25-2011 11:43 PM - No Replies

(I will recap alot of these videos for "Clean Kill" videos and move these to a bloopers play list sense some of them are hillariously bad *cough cough* Halfus lulz)

Bastion videos
Our hillariously bad Halfus Heroic Kill.... cause we had everyone alive last week and it just wasnt good enough (P.S. Blame stattx for the music on this one, he requested it =P )

Valiona and Theralion

Council (a good kill)

Cho (a good kill)

BWD vids (will add more as we get em)

Omnitron (shields are for pussies.... yep)

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  Get Crit is super awesome at clearing old content
Posted by: Pilebunker - 03-25-2011 08:20 AM - Replies (2)

Because apparently I cant embed videos

Grats get crit, check the bottom of the last announce for the screenies afterwords

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  Get Crit Clears Cata?!?!?!?
Posted by: Pilebunker - 03-12-2011 08:22 AM - No Replies

Thats right folks group 2 (or group awesome) is 12/12 now! huzzah and such. Here are some lovely kill shots - al'akir because he's a bitch and drops a chest.

[Image: WoWScrnShot_031111_230039.jpg]

and the naked murlocs...... oh the murlocs

[Image: WoWScrnShot_031011_211249.jpg]


[Image: WoWScrnShot_032411_233953.jpg]

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  Time for Cata
Posted by: Niak - 12-19-2010 04:52 PM - No Replies

After a bout of pre-expansion blues, we are now getting ready for Cataclysm raiding. Contact Pinkyuri, Pilebunker, Streams, or Niak for any info on the guild. Currently looking into any class that would be interested in joining, with tanks and melee dps being top priority.

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Information Progression and recruitment update
Posted by: Niak - 07-31-2010 02:15 AM - No Replies

we got our second 10 man going and got 11 bosses down in both groups. Sunday, both groups will be attempting LK.

We are still recruiting as well. We need a couple more tanks, preferably not a DK. Some non-priest heals would be helpful and I would love some melee dps and once again non-dk. For ranged, really only need a spriest, boomkin or ele shaman.

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Thumbs Down 25 man progression what?
Posted by: Niak - 07-28-2010 10:52 PM - No Replies

We got our 8th boss down in ICC 25, but ran out of time before we got our 9th.

Keep up the good work, and as always fuck downies.

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  25 progression whut?
Posted by: Niak - 07-08-2010 11:07 PM - No Replies

We are now running weekly 25 man ICC groups with Aeternum. Currently we have 7/12 finished and should have 10/12 down in the next few weeks.

p.s. fuck downies

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